After meeting Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet, we immediately knew that we were dealing with a man who could make things happen. Eddie is a true born leader.


To create the Eduardo wordmark, we analyzed over 60 vintage baseball pennant flags to get a feel for the character of a script made to represent a winning team. Drawing from Eddie's latino heritage and his efforts to bring more latinos into the tech community, it made sense to draw back to Cuba's most beloved past-time, baseball. The script is meant to encapsulate the massive amounts of energy that Eddie radiates, and present him as someone to support and trust in.


In addition to Eddie's wordmark, we crafted a monogram of his initials, EGL, into an icon resembling both a globe, and a compass. These represent the worldwide reach of his work in healthcare, and his ability to lead and direct others to paths where they will succeed.


We pared down the content on the site into a single page and shot all new photography and video content to bring his web prescence into the modern era. We also created custom forms for booking Eddie for speaking engagements and conferences, bringing allowing him to track leads and spread his reach. Visit the site using the button below to see the final product.