As a collective that focuses on building better communities, we wanting to engage the people living in the area to help us decide what we do to revitalize the Happy Motoring Station. So we put together the Foremost Get Together to figure out exactly what people wanted.


Part of what we wanted to do in creating Foremost was to show the city what talented creatives live and breathe here. So we rallied a crew of 5 of the best young artists we knew in the Illustration scene to Battle it out in a Battle of the Boards. The artists where each given an hour and a half to fill one of 5 eight foot tall boards with an illustration based on a word given to them at the time of the event. The theme was "KNOCKOUT", and the battle unfolded.

Photographer Mallory L. Brooks was on the scene documenting the crowd. Over 200 community members and inhabitants came out to talk to us about the station and the event. All the photos on this page are from her shoot, also viewable on her blog.

Chiara Saldivar and Daniel McCluskey from Street Art Tallahassee put together a pop up gallery of both their work and the work of artists from their collective.

Two boards we reserved for the community to write down their ideas for the space. We collected big ideas, small ideas, impossible ideas, and plausible ideas. After the event we catalogued all of the written items to review for what we would help the community gain.

We felt the most important part of the event was the direct imput from the community. We got many responses and even some proposals.