When Bram Kanstein & Bas Prass wanted a brand, the two Dutch entrepreneurs reached out to their global network of connections. Foremost came into the mix as a creative collective that could move with the two at pace to launch their new venture.


The Off the Record brand features an array of elements that all speak to the secretive and confidential aspects of the agency's work. For brand research, we delved into public archives of redacted documents, gritty video streams, and blurry, pixelated photographs. Through the mix we found a way to balance cleanliness and minimalism with the gritty reality of behind-closed-doors information.


After creating the word mark, we put together a public guerilla marketing strategy that would get people talking about the brand immediately. Stickers were created with different redaction messages across them in the word mark's visual style, and then placed on newspapers, ads, and magazines around our space.


We created a unique set of icons for OTR to use in documents, graphics, and as a pattern for various applications. The icons were based around the theme of confidentiality and off-record information, including parcels, folders, mysterious packages, microfilms, little black books, redacted documents, and cassette tapes.


Various colatteral was developed for the brand including shirts, presentation templates, a document stamp, and a little black book for new clients to be given on onboarding.