We recently got the chance to make a family of items for the city of TLH that will help us envision the city at 2024, Tallahassee's Bicentennial year. This project involved a lot of research into the Florida archives and revealed a lot about our history that isn't represented in other resources that tell the city's story to others.


Through the exploration through the city's past, we needed to enrich the future. The logo allows the city and other cities to see the innovation and talent that resides between the canopies of Tallahassee.

The past is the only thing we know to be certain when looking towards the future. So we looked back to Tallahassee's centennial celebration in 1924..

We focused in on our past, the present, and the future of the south side of Tallahassee, the edge of where our city is so rapidly changing currently. To the far left is a depiction of the old Tallahassee power plant, now repurposed into an eatery. Coming further we see Cascades park, with its large public amphitheater. Next we come to the capitol building, which stands prominently in the Tallahassee skyline. On the right we see the FAMU Way pedestrian bridge and its many fountains.

After reviewing stacks of archives it became clear we couldn't include all of the elements that make the city unique in a logo without it becoming far too large and complicated.


The Bicentennial coin is a reference to the many brass roundels that can be found around town at state buildings and landmarks. Many of the roundels are very intricate and use natural patterns from the environment around Tallahassee. This coin can also be used to update our city flag, which was explored in mockups. We also made another flag that we find more suitable to be read at distance.