UberOps is an IT consulting firm specializing in data integration, cyber security, project management, and web mobilization. Their established brand has been around a long time in the Tallahassee tech community. So when it came time to refresh the brand, UberOps turned to Foremost to get the job done right.


Many brand options were explored for the veteran business, but in the end, the founding partners agreed that a wordmark only refresh was as far as they would go in the redesign. Below are some unused concepts and explorations for the brand that weren't used.

The Trailhacks site features custom branded video, icons, and imagery. A static deployment, the site is lightweight and responsive, making it great for marketing and displaying the event schedule for the attendees.


Our team at Foremost brought UberOps' website up to speed by paring down content on the site, putting in clear call-to-actions, creating fun and interesting interactions, and making it responsive.

We shot all new brand photography on location with the staff on-site, putting together what a day at the UberOps office really looks like.